Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center

In 1929, eighteen-year-old aspiting singer/songwriter, Woody Guthrie arrived in Pampa, Texas from Oklahoma at the behst of his father, an Oklahoma businessman down on his luck and working in Pampa to pay off debts. Guthrie arrived quite accomplished playing the harmonica and quickly acquire an amazing talent with the fiddle and guitar while in Pampa. He became a determined musician with little interest in the conventions of rural Panhandle life, spending more time busking on Pampa streets and reading in the local library than attending school.  He dropped out of Pampa High School before finishing his final year.  At nineteen, he married and worked at jobs in Pampa while honing his musical skills. In 1937, Guthrie left Pampa behind, joining the throngs of Midwesterners driven from farmlands across America by the advent of the Dust Bowl and working their way west to California in the hopes of a better life.




Guthrie, considered an ico of American Folk Music, authoried the nation's folk anthem, "This Land is Your Land", among other distinctly American classics.  Guthrie may have left Pampa, but Pampa never quite left Guthrie.  Pampa locals, Thelma Bray and Glenna Lea Miller, established the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center in 1991.  Housed in Pampa's historic Harris Drug Stoe, a one-time Guthrie employer, the Center serves as a musical venue for live events throughout the year and a museum of relics that chronicla Woody Guthrie's life and music.

The Woody Guthrie Fold Music Center strives to keep Woody's words and music alive and to provide a place for the public to visit a little part of Woody's world.  Anyone may come to the Center to learn about, talk about, sing about and add to the legacy of Woody Guthrie.  The Center has a variety of books, recordings, drawing and photographs from Woody's life.  For those who might desire to place and sing, the Center is open on Friday nights for jam sessions, stories and fellowship. These evenings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to pull up a chair to listen or visit.















The Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center is located at 320 South Cuyler, Pampa, Texas. For more information visit www.woodyguthriepampatx.com or call Mike Sink at (806) 664-0824